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New Year

How do I get my budget ready for the new year?

Multi-Year Budgeting in the Foundation Template

Manually Add Bank Data to your Tiller Sheet

Foundation Template Refresher

Foundations Guide

Community-built solutions

Below are some helpful solutions built by the Tiller Community for end of year analysis.

Budget Plan

Budget Plan - Google Sheets
Budget Plan - Microsoft Excel


Category Tracker
Yearly Insights


Can we use both google sheet and spreadsheet
Yes, with a single Tiller subscription you can use both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

I do not really need to keep historical budgets … however … I really want to keep historical balances to track changes in net worth. are there any special considerations?
Recommend using the same spreadsheet, but just overwriting the existing budget months in the Categories sheet per this help guide. How do I get my budget ready for the new year?

So I started using this in Sept, moved over from Mvelopes when they announced ending service, so my speadsheet goes from Sept. 2022 to August 2023, can I just add the rest of 2023?
Yes, you can just add the remaining 2023 months out right by inserting a few extra columns and using the fill handle to pull the header month formulas over to the right in Google Sheets or manually typing them in (or paste from the New Year tab) in Excel.

Will be covering ways to archive historical data that I no longer need in the active Tiller workbook?
Options for archiving are in this help guide: How do I get my budget ready for the new year?

i plan to archive my 2022 and start fresh, maybe change up some categories, etc. How to I get ready to do that in advance of 1 jan so i can do the switch over on that date?
Recommend making a copy of your existing sheet and then make changes in the copy, clear the 2022 data, and then link it to Tiller using Tiller Money Feeds after the new year starts. Tiller Money Feeds will fill in where it left off.

When I unhide I only have these options: accounts, balance history, tiller helper, tillerbaltable. How do I get the new year option?
It sounds like this is the Tiller Money Tracker for Excel and not the Foundation Template. You’d want to transition to using the Foundation Template.

Once you create your 2023 budget in your categories sheet, would you then go and hide the 2022 columns?
This is a matter of preference. You can hide or group those columns if you don’t want to see them all the time.

Does Joseph’s Budget Plan work for Excel or just Google Sheets?
There is a Budget Plan for both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel (links in the resources section above).

The Budget Plan sheet only works if you have actuals from the prior year. I started Tiller in October 2022, right?
Only the “Past Categories” and “Past Descriptions” rely on past data, you can use the other frequencies in a new template.

What if you get paid on the 1st and 15th? Which isn’t quite the same as bi-weekly.
For the Budget Plan: Bi-Monthly: Choose Bi-Monthly when you get paid twice a month. You can use the Start Date and End Date to limit the budget to a portion of the year. Use the “Notes” column to define which days you get paid. You should include the two days of the month that you get each check, separated by a comma. If you get paid on the last day of the month, use “Last” instead of a date since it varies by month. The most common examples would be “1,15” , “1,16” , “15,Last” and “16,Last” (don’t include the quotes).

Can you add new categories to the budget, that were not part of 2022?
Sure thing! Just add categories to the bottom of the Categories sheet if you need to add new ones.

Can I use the Budget Plan to set my 2023 budget in a new Google Sheet based off my 2022 actuals in a different Google Sheet?
It would be tricky but possible if you referenced data from a different file. Easier to copy the Budget Plan sheet, make changes in the new sheet, then update the formula in your categories sheet on 1/1

Will this work in conjunction with the Savings Budget or will moving money around in Savings Budget break the Budget Plan and/or Categories sheets?
It works well, but you can’t use the budget update tool in the Savings Budget sheet or it will break the formulas in the Categories sheet.

I have spent the last (2) years learning. What is the best way to change / fix catergories
You can do Find & Replace on All sheets or you can use the Rename Category workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on (Google Sheets only)

Will you ever have a demonstration seminar where Tiller shows the different ways people use the spreadsheets? There are so many features and and ways to incorporate them.
Great idea! I’ll record this for future consideration.

I am new to Tiller (started Nov) wondering if I can change the title of my excel sheet and will it keep link to Tiller online.
Yes, you should be able to rename your workbook. More on that here: How to Rename a Tiller Spreadsheet | Tiller Help Center

I am brand new to this platform. Do you offer one on one training to discuss initial set up? I am very interested in doing this to get a jump start.
We’re offering a limited time Tiller Coaching service. Learn more at Tiller Coaching - Tiller

How would an individual request other accounts be added for syncing such as TradeStation, NinjaTrader TDAmeritrade and other advanced trading platform accounts? Thank you.
I’d recommend writing in to the support team via chat to see what they can do to help you try and get those accounts connected and double check whether they’re supported.

Things like EU vacation I like to save up prior in a saving acct. Do I treat this like a spend in the budget?
The workflows for tracking savings in the Foundation Template are a bit undefined, but something we’re working on in 2023. You can track it as an expense type if you want to see it as a line item on your budget, just keep in mind it will affect your cash flow calculations. You might also explore the Savings Budget from Tiller Community Solutions.

I want to start fresh. I feel like my spreadsheet is getting slow. Can I use the Budget Plan in my current 2022 and then somehow tranfer it to a new sheet for 2023?
You could copy your 2022 sheet to the 2023 spreadsheet

Is there a transition tutorial to move my financial data over from Excel to Google Sheetsl?
We’ve got a guide here: Migrate your financial data between spreadsheets | Tiller Help Center

This is a basic question related to the Foundation Template - which tabs can you make manual changes on (categories, transactions)?
Generally if it’s a dashboard you should only edit light green cells (like the dropdown for month/year at the top of Monthly Budget sheet). More on editing Transactions sheet here: Editing the Transactions Sheet | Tiller Help Center

How do I access the community add-on if I use Excel and what would you suggest if I want to switch to Google sheets
We don’t have a community add-in for Excel right now and are unlikely to build one since many features from Tiller Community Solutions for Google Sheets are moving into the core Tiller Money Feeds add-on and we’re likely to build those features directly into our core Excel add-in first. If you prefer to have access to those features now, then your best bet would be to go ahead and try Google Sheets.

How can you compare 2022 actuals to 2023 actuals is there a spreadsheet for this built?
There is a Comparisons sheet for Google Sheets. I don’t know if there is an equivalent for Excel yet.

since this relies on past data, does this not work if you plan to make changes to category names, or how they are grouped from 2022 to 2023
It will probably be a little less useful if you’re planning to make big changes to categories/groups in 2023.

Dumb question…. but in the yearly sheet budgeted cashflow and acutal cashflow. Is that just income minus expenses
Budgeted cashflow is budgeted income minus budgeted expenses. Actual cashflow is actual income minus actual expenses. Transactions categorized with Transfer type categories are excluded as are categories marked as “hide from reports” on the Categories sheet.

If posiable could you go over some examples of categorizing transfers? and how it should be reflected on the monthly budget overview and the buget plan. The issue I usally have is being sure if my value is correct ( positve or negative values ) in the Available catagory. alot of the times I might have multiple transfers between acconts ( vemo to bank account to other bank account )
I’d recommend reviewing our help content on Transfers. Understanding Transfers | Tiller Help Center

Can you display some shortcuts or best practices for categorization, automating as much as possible
Recommend checking out AutoCat

For a Category entry that is no longer, (say for a specific project), how I can preserve the informaiton for Yearly Budget data, but not display the empty row in future years?
If you want it to show on the Yearly Budget sheet for past years but not the current/new year, your best bet is to use the Hide from Reports option on the Categories sheet and toggle it on/off as needed. I.e. when you don’t want to see it, mark it as “hide” and vice versa when you do want to see it.

How does one get to the help info for Budget Plan?
Budget Plan - Google Sheets
Budget Plan - Microsoft Excel

Are there any plans to track credit card due dates some how so you can determine if you have enough funds in your checking account to cover it or you need to move funds from your savings account?
No plans for this so far, recommend adding a feature request.

To memorialize your prior year’s budget as calculated by the Budget Plan, can you Copy, Paste Values in the Categories sheet for the prior year, and then paste the Budget Plan formula into the Categories column for the new, current year?
Yes, that is correct.

Do you have to have a google account to use google sheets?
Yes, you do have to have a Google account to use Google Sheets.

Joseph, to make the frequency feature more complete, we’d need to be able to choose the day of the week for each category. For example, I get paid bi-weekly on Thursdays, so my paycheck budget is likely to be incorrect most years.
If you put in a start date, it will base the following checks off that date

Is it possible to roll unspent money in a category from one month to the next. So if you have a budget item that is a yearly cost but you want to create a monthly saving for that.
This isn’t possible with the Foundation Template out of the box, but you can check out the Savings Budget, which is compatible with the Foundation Template for this feature. Docs: Savings Budget sheet

How do I know which of your templates I started with & when Tiller has a new version of the foundation template, will it be pushed out and an automatic update for users?
New versions of Google Sheets dashboards for the Foundation Template you can access in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on under Templates. If there is an update, the button will say “update” instead of restore for each dashboard/template. We don’t yet have this feature available for Excel.

Why do transfers (to my savings) not show up in my monthly budget?
If they’re showing there it means you’re using a category that is an expense type (as set in the Type column in the Categories sheet).