Google sheet for tiller is just gone

My google sheet for tiller is just gone. When I clicked on the screen I got the error below. I know I did not delete it. Other spreadsheets are there. Is it shared with Tiller? Do they have the power to delete it? There was lots of data and customizing there. I guess I will be starting over. Anybody have an idea what happened?

Sorry, the file you have requested has been deleted.

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No Tiller isnt going to have that authority, maybe check in your trash folder?

Hopefully you can find it as the customizations it sounds like you have made would be tedious to recreate.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I checked the trash. Not there. It is so odd. There is no way I deleted it. I am not sure I have the energy to recreate. Not sure what I am going to do yet. I don’t want to risk losing it again. I will print all the pages again if I do so at least I have my custom categories, autocat info. etc. so I can easily recreate. I will also put a backup file on a separate drive periodically. Maybe it got too big or the file got corrupted and google deleted it, I have no idea. I am still getting daily emails of activity and all accounts are still connected and updating in the email. I love the daily emails to see credit card balances and transactions. That alone might be worth the 6.50 a month even without the spreadsheet if I don’t have energy to recreate. I have an email into Tiller support. I am curious what they will say. Thanks again for your time this evening to respond.

If you cannot see the file in Google Sheets, try reaching out to Google support. My husband accidentally deleted a sheet when cleaning up his account and emptied his trash before he realized he had done it to a file he really wanted with lots of historical data. Google Support was able to pull it back from somewhere for him because he had contacted them quickly.

Hi, Thanks for follow-up. I figured out how to check activity in the Google drive and it looks like I accidentally deleted it about 9 days ago. I saw some text that If I am within 25 days I might be able to get it back with Google support help. I am going to try. Thanks for the recommendation.


Good idea @martha.rudkin and good luck, i hope they are able to recover it for you.

Made me think about this scenario and I’ve made a copy of my sheet as it currently sits, gonna maybe make that a monthly occurence and delete the old months.

FYI, I have a happy ending to my deleted file. Google was able to restore it. I had to join their Google One for 2 dollars a month to get the restoration but that is fine. The service comes with more storage than I will ever need. The support person I was working with was super helpful and can field questions for me in the future. I was going to wait until next week but Google has 24/7 support. I updated my transaction sheet. I am back in business.

Thank You to the Tiller community for the guidance.


I did the same thing about a year ago Do yourself a favor and make a copy of your sheet and set a reminder to update your backup quarterly . Worse case you would only lose 3 months of work Glad you got it back

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