Handling replacement credit cards that have new account number

Due to an unauthorized charge, Chase issued me a new credit card that has a different account number. Therefore, Tiller is treating it like a new account. It was easy enough to link this account to my Tiller spreadsheet, but this did create a few anomalies…

  1. Tiller initially downloaded transactions for both account numbers so I had to manually delete the duplicates.
  2. Tiller continues to pull balances of both credit cards. The replacement credit card balance is updating correctly, but the balance of the canceled card continues to pull an outdated balance every day.

I have now unchecked the old credit card account in the Tiller Money feeds sidebar and manually added a balance = $0 to the Balance History sheet for the canceled credit card.

Is there a less manual way to handle this?


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Hi @Cowboy13,

Nope, right now the only way to really handle that scenario is to do it manually.


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What about updating the old transactions with the new account number? That way the transactions would be as if it were one account, so it would be easier to report off. I’d still uncheck the old account, so nothing is coming in, but then combine the two, using search/replace.

Yeah, I know how to do that and still may. I was more curious if there was a less manual way to handle this, but according to Heather, there is not.

Yeah I’ve had to do this a couple of times this year and it’s a pain. @heather I’m sure it would be a much appreciated feature if you ever add a way to automate it!

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