Help for Monthly Analysis Out of Date

The information here would seem to be quite out of date. The demonstration video looks quite different from the current Google Sheets menu and even getting past that, and installing the community add on, there is no “Analysis” anywhere to be found.

I can understand that limited resources prevent you from updating videos regularly, but at least update the written text. Extremely frustrating to take on learning a new app when the documentation is so out-of-date.

Thank you,

Sorry about the confusion, @gofor26.2. Google just recently changed the menu structure for third party add-ons in Sheets. We are in the process of updating the documentation and the videos will take a bit longer to work through.

As for the “Monthly Analysis”, are you referring to the Tiller Labs template? If you are interested in that template, you’ll need to install the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on and then use that add-on to insert the Monthly Analysis template.