Help with Budget & Savings

Hello all, can someone help me understand what I’m missing:

Say I have a category with no budgeted spending but I do have savings allocated to it in the Savings Budget (Emergency Fund). I spent more this month than I had budgeted, but I had enough in savings to cover the expense. In many of the spreadsheets (like Monthly Budget) I’m reported as going over budget – but I’d prefer it not to show this way since I have the amount covered by savings. I would prefer not to “Hide” the category because I’d like it to appear in the Savings Budget as a category to manage, etc. Am I not using the savings feature properly? If I budget for this item, my spending comes out of the budget and not the savings. I prefer for this to come out of my savings and no affect my budget reporting. Anything I can do?

Are you meaning you spent more in total across all your spending Jan than you budgeted to spend?

Are you see this “overage” on the Savings Budget sheet?

I think you may need to move funds FROM savings TO whatever categories you were over to account for this.

I don’t use the Savings Budget so I’m not sure. Perhaps someone who’s more familiar will chime in.