Hiding mortgage from spending budget while also adjusting cashflow?


I’m trying to figure out how I might be able to hide the mortgage from my monthly spending while also having it considered in the monthly cashflow.

We have 2 properties which, when I have their respective mortgages turned on/unhidden, it takes up a significant portion of the budget chart. But because these are constant, all I really care about focusing on is staying within budget on the remaining expenditures.

If I “hide” these mortgages, the expenses column represents what I want to focus on. However, the planned cashflow suddenly assumes that that mortgage money is now available and will be saved (I wish). What I would like to do is have the mortgage money also removed from the savings so I can actually look at if I am meeting my savings goals. That way the net income I make from the rental is also appropriately tracked (I would make this a “constant” value but sometimes there are expenses that are taken out of our rental payment by the property manager)

Any ideas?

Welcome @tinyearthling :wave: !

Right now there isn’t a way to have the mortgages hidden from the Monthly Budget expected expenses but also show up in the cash flow calculation.

Just my opinion, but even though you don’t need to focus on those because they’re constant, I think it’s important to have them reflected there too (not just in the cash flow) because that is money you’re going to have to spend each month.

If you don’t already do this, I recommend just creating a separate group for them so they’re just in a separate section on the Monthly Budget and you can look at the other groups you need to focus on.

In an empty cell somewhere on the Monthly Budget you could probably add some formula that will calculate your total expenses that exclude this group if you just don’t really want to see it in the total expected spend amount. I don’t have that formula handy.