My mortgage payment (and maybe other items not sure) is not showing up on the monthly or annual budget even though its categorized correctly as an expense

Hi There,

I am struggling to get my sheets working. Up until two months ago My mortgage payments were pulling over correctly into my monthly and annual budget, but now My payment (even though its categorized correctly) is not updating correctly and instead under the Mortgage category it lists $0 even with the payment being on the “transactions” sheet.

Any help? Thanks!

That’s odd, @timothyconvey.

  • Are you saying that you can see the correct payment amount in the Transactions sheet (i.e. the data feeds are working)?
  • And you have categorized the recent payments as Mortgage?
  • And you can see totals in the Mortgage category in your Monthly and Yearly Budgets up until recently?
  • And you Mortgage category looks ok in the Categories sheet (expense and not hidden)?

I found the issue, for some reason for the last two months my mortgage account happened to also be pulling in and the payment/deduction from my checking to my mortgage was netting out the transaction to zero for the month. Thanks for the reply!

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I am having the same problem. What did you do to fix it?