My savings total in the budget is adding up and throwing off my budget balance

I’m a newbie and can’t find a solution to my problem. I created my budget in categories. In the budget for my savings categories (Auto, Emergency, and Charity - all separate accounts) that come out of my paycheck, I created the amount on the sheet I wanted to allocate to each of these. Then, when I got paid, I made the transfers, updated my transactions sheet assigning them to the proper categories. When I then went to my monthly and yearly budgets, it is adding them together instead of showing what is left to be paid out in that category. So it was $275 budgeted, $275 allocated in transactions and in the Available Column it says $550. It should say $0. Oddly, last month, it pulled in a transaction total wrong to this set of categories. The transaction was something like 94.84 and it pulled in 9.84. It was weird. It showed up in all the reports that way, except on the transaction sheet. I haven’t messed with any of the coding of the template or anything, so not sure what is going on with the Savings portion of my sheet. Should I just start a new sheets document since I am still new or how do I fix this? Thanks!

It looks like you are using the Monthly Budget, @pbentonteach, is that correct? (I.e. you are not using the Savings Budget?)

Maybe @heather can chime in on the categorizing-savings question. She is best with those workflows.


P.S. The issue with the $94.84 transaction sounds suspicious. I haven’t seen that before. I wonder if the template you are using is damaged. I’d consider trying to restore it.

The fact that your actual amounts on the Budget screenshot are negative instead of positive is a red flag, those should be absolute values. Are you categorizing both sides of the transfer using the same category e.g. Auto Savings? Or just one side? If so, are you only categorizing the positive amount transaction using that category?

These few things come to mind to check

  • Make sure you have a Group and Type assigned to all categories in the Categories sheet
  • Make sure that you’re only using Income, Expense, Transfer in the Type column on the Categories sheet - I’ve seen weird behavior when people try to use their own custom Types in that column on the Categories sheet
  • Make sure your budget targets are absolute values and don’t have a minus sign on the Categories sheet

If that doesn’t help, and since this is about the Foundation Template and is fully supported by our success team, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

I’d want to see some screenshots of the specific categories here and how you have them set up on the Categories sheet as well as the actual Transactions and sometimes folks are sensitive to sharing that type of thing here in the Community.

Thanks. How do I do a restore?

This sheet is all about expenses. I take all of this from my paycheck and all the income coming in. I just categorize all the transactions as they come in to my sheet from my bank accounts. I run this as more a register to see where my spending is going and to budget.

I don’t mind showing my categories if it would help others in the future.

I notice that you don’t have any categories marked as Type = Transfers. When you move money from one account to another this is a transfer, not an expense.

Hi @pbentonteach - I followed up with you via our official support channel to try and get this resolved. Please look out for a separate email from me and reply there. Thanks!