Savings Budget - hide paid off loan expense

In the Savings Budget sheet, I have a loan payment listed that has now been paid off so the loan category shows up under Expenses on the Saving Budget with an amount of $0.00. I would like to hide the loan entry going forward but have it still show up if I select an earlier month before the loan was paid off. How can I accomplish this?

If you just delete any budget for months after the loan is paid off, then it should disappear from the Savings Budget. By delete, I mean backspace on it so it’s just an empty cell, not $0.00. I just tested that, and it seemed to work.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I am using the Budget Plan with Savings Budget and still have some confusion on whether to change values on the Budget Plan or on the Categories sheet. But things seem to be working for now, so thanks again!

Sorry, I meant delete from the Category sheet.

Interesting trick. This doesn’t seem to work for Monthly Budget expenses. Too bad, I was hopeful :man_shrugging: