Hiding/ Removing old transactions from transaction tab

Hi everyone! I have been loving Tiller but with a new year, I would like to hide all of last year’s transactions. Every time I load my accounts, they automatically pull back EVERYTHING in history. I would like a way to set that only transactions from x date load. Or at least, if I delete them, to make them stay gone.
Forgive me if this is a silly question… I searched the forums and although I’m decently tech-savvy, I only use Tiller to track our monthly budget (previous YNAB user) so I am finding this issue very frustrating.
Additionally, is there a way to change a transaction date and make it STAY changed? I moved a large bill from Dec 30 into the new year, but when I pull new transactions, the date just changed right back. :frowning:

Thank you!

Hi @arielstarke, sorry for the delayed reply here! Welcome to the community!

If you started a new sheet at the beginning of the year, then yes, it would have pulled in all the historical data on the first fill of that new sheet. If you removed the rows from the Transactions sheet, they should not be re-appearing on subsequent fills.

Can you let me know if taht helps?

Was this in a brand new sheet? or you did a second fill on the same sheet and it changed back. Similar to the above expected behavior, it shouldn’t have changed it back.

This is also something that our support team can help out with as it’s related to the data feeds and Foundation template, which are core product, and therefore not restricted to community support.