Changing Date on Transaction Sheet

Hi Tiller Community,

I just started using Tiller last month. I’ve got everything set up the way I like. I’m using the savings budget sheet. My my 12 month period started with January. There is one transaction that fell on 12/31/2020 so it’s not being taken included on the savings budget sheet and throwing off my budget. I changed the date to a date in January and that seemed to have balanced things out, BUT did I break anything in the background that I am not seeing? Is there a different way to do this?

Thanks everybody!

That’s the way I’ve done it and I didn’t even think to ask! So… I’m hoping you get an answer of ‘nope. nothing broke. you’re fine’ :slight_smile:

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As @susandennis said, you can absolutely change the dates. The contents in your Transactions sheet are written once by the feeds service and can be modified to suit your needs. Just remember that there isn’t a way to reconcile back to the original values… so, if you are worried about a change, consider storing a note about the change in the Note column or a new column for this purpose— but this step is completely optional…

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great! thanks @randy!!