Changing a transaction's posting date

Hi all,

May be a newbie question, just started using Tiller. I wanted to know if there is a way to change which transactions show up for specific months.

My example is a paycheck that gets paid at the end of one month, let’s say Oct 30th, but is really the first of two paychecks for the next month, however it was payed on the 30th. Tiller, from what I am seeing, is interpreting that as a paycheck for the month it was posted, and thus in the monthly budget Sheet, there will be a surplus for October, and a deficit for November.

Any solutions to sort out those times when either income or expenses don’t line up with the months budget? Thanks

I’d also love to hear ideas on how to handle this. Currently I change the transaction date, but the ocd side of me cringes that my data isn’t ‘accurate’ anymore

Hi @drewspitzer4 and @jpfieber

I think circumstances like this are inevitable with the variety of posting methods used by many financial organizations. My approach has been to change the date information for the transaction (all the way across. As you know, there are several date-related columns for each transaction that drive formulas in the Tiller ether.)

To help me get some sleep after making a change like this (ha!) I will put info in the note column: “Actually deposited 10/30.”

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other tips for us OCD’ers.

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Thanks for the input, I figured that was the way, but wanted to see if anyone had found a cool workaround. Thanks!