How can I get notes to show in Category Rollup report?

How would I get the “note” column to migrate over for my category roll up report? There is a column on the report but it is blank. I cannot find anywhere to change the template to add this. Thank you : )


You just need to make sure your Transactions sheet has a “Note” (no quotes) column and some data in it for the time period that’s configured in the report generator.

I recommend inserting a column to the left of the Account column so it has the appropriate text format for the Note column. Right click the column and choose “Insert 1 left”

Thanks Heather : )

I do have a note column and there is information for the date range/time period but the info does not come over. Should I create a new column by putting it to the left of the Account column and cut and paste the info/notes? Maybe to show it who’s boss? : )

@brookehilyard ,

Is your column in the Transactions sheet called “Note” or “Notes” ?

The Category Rollup report is looking for the column to be titled “Note” exactly.

Double check there aren’t any blank trailing spaces too by re-typing “Note” into the header.


It’s fixed!!! That was it, the header said Notes vs Note. Oh, so much better. Thank you so very much for your patience with me : )
Have a wonderful day and thank you again!