How do I create and end of year report?

In the previous software I was using I could just request an end-of-year report and it would generate a list of totals for each category. I am not sure how to do this in the Tiller sheets.

Hi @phooph:

Great news! Tiller has pre-designed, end-of-year reports! Here’s how to get there:

I seem to be completely lost with this. I installed the Tiller Community Solutions but following the instructions, I do not find any of the options mentioned. I see the TCS must be installed as I am given the option to uninstall.

Following the instructions, I do not see what I am told I should see. Going to the Add ons menu I do not see an option to choose Tiller Community Solutions. I am stuck in the Quick Insights and don’t know how to get to my spreadsheet. I used to just open my spreadsheet and work on it. Now I get this and don’t know how to exit to my spreadsheet.

So I found out how to get back to my spreadsheet and by poking around I figured out how to get the TCS to display and create a report, but I have to say, there are some holes in the instructions. A video tutorial would certainly help.

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