Docs: Category Report


The Category Report allows you to drill down and get the transaction details, organized by description, for a single category over a specified time period with granular control over the amount range included in the report.

How to create a Category Report

You’ll need the Tiller Labs add-on for Google Sheets to generate a Category report

  1. Open the Add-ons menu at the top of your Google Sheet.
  2. Choose Tiller Labs > Tools > Create a report > Category Report
  3. Configure the report to meet your needs.
  4. Click Create Report.

A new, readily-printable tab will appear along the bottom of your Google Sheet with the sheet name “Cat Report” containing a report per your configuration settings.

Printing or Saving the Category Report

Each time you generate a Category Report, a new tab will appear along the bottom. Feel free to print the report, either a physical copy or to a PDF, and then delete the report tab from your Tiller spreadsheet if you no longer need it after the original report generation.


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When I click on the link for Tiller Labs, this is the message that comes up:

What does that mean? I don’t want Tiller seeing, editing, deleting my financial information.


You can learn more about the permissions for the Tiller Labs add-on here:

let me know if you still have questions.


Good question, @lillytryon.
There is a bit more information about why we request these scopes in this thread.

Hope this helps.