Profit loss report issue

No Chrome extension called “Tiller Labs” exists. Please advise.

You are probably looking for the Tiller “Add-ons” which you will find in the “Add-ons” menu in Google Sheets.

Sorry, this wasn’t helpful. see screenshot below [image didn’t work] There is no Tiller Addons in Google Marketplace or in my Addons Menu. I only have Tilller Comm Solutions & Tiller Money Feeds

I am brand new here. I would like a P&L statement and other templates so I don’t have to create from scratch.

They changed up the name of the Add-on recently. It’s now called “Tiller Community Solutions”. Within that Add-on, go to “Solutions” and “Add a solution”. That will give you a menu to choose the different categories of templates that you can add to your spreadsheet.

Yes I just found it.

I have created a custom column on CATEGORIES sheet to specify the segment of my business. How do I create a report based on only a certain segment?

Not sure specifically what you need to do, but I would think creating a new Group, with some business related categories in it should help you break out reports just related to those items.

I wanted to keep Groups as the generic group of expenses, e.g. Materials & Supplies. But I want to sub-categorize within it (for personal, and various businesses) for my own non-IRS tracking purposes.
I’ll want to create P&L statements for each Segment. Please advise, thank you.


Sounds like you’ll have to do your own custom thing then, but perhaps others here have ideas on how to make it work…

I’d recommend reviewing how we think about Categories and Sub categories. The P&L only works with the Categories sheet defaults so if you’ve changed any header names or anything like that you’ll want to revert back to the way it was to get the P&L to show you what you’re looking for here.

Thanks for the term “subcategory,” but I need one more level of sub, for different businesses. Should I use tags perhaps, or something else, or go with my own “Segments” column?

@amorousarray Yes, you can use Tags.

Here is more on that report. Add the Tags Report for Transaction Tagging