How do the saving budget calculate?

How is the Savings budget calcuate available? I can’t see the formula and if you look between by roll over and budgeted I should have over 10k but its showing -5k. Been using Tiller about two weeks. Migrated from Mint and YNAB. Started this sheet for the new year.

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You’re looking at Income there. So, Tiller is telling you that you are currently $-5871.00 short of your budgeted income for the month because all you have showing so far are the $2667.00 in Savings that you carried over from December.

My take: I don’t keep any Savings on the Income side. I would move any unspent Income into a Savings category–either general savings or savings for a specific goal–on the Expense side.


That makes sense. Thank You! I plan on moving it all to other categories but didn’t want to move forward with that negative balance.