How to add Venmo Credit Card Transactions?

Just setting everything up for the first time. It looks like the only account of mine that’s not supported is Venmo Credit Card. I’m trying to figure out how to include this in my data, but it doesn’t look easy. Venmo Credit Card has the worst interface on their end to begin with (only accessible through the app, no way to get CSV reports), so right now it looks like I would need to add it as a Manual Account and then add each transaction as a Manual Transaction.

Is there an easier way that I’m missing?


Venmo is a pain, while i dont have a card from them I’m sure theyll have statements for it as well. They do offer a csv, you just have to access the web version from a computer in order to have the option for statements. Now as far as getting from csv to your tiller spreadsheet, that may create some duplicates where your bank transfers are coming through so just pay attention to that.

The csv import may need some data massage to work, but this link will guide you [How to Manually Import Your Bank Data | Tiller Help Center]

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I am talking about the Venmo Credit Card specifically. They do not offer a CSV and there is no web version to access from a computer, it is only through the app. The only available statements are PDFs that look like what you’d get in the mail if you had paper statements.

Are you able to convert the PDF to CSV?

I should be able to, I’m familiar enough with excel and text-to-columns if something needs to be done. Which will help with past statements, but if I want to keep it up to date I’ll still have to do each transaction manually, or wait for the end of the cycle and then do the whole pdf to csv to import thing manually.

It’s disappointing that it’s not supported, but I suspect it’s a Venmo issue, not a Tiller issue.

@Ryanxiety we are sorry to hear there is no easy way to get your data in CSV . Hopefully whatever workaround you can do, doing it once a cycle seems reasonable.