How to move over categories from manual spreadsheet or export

Hi Randy,
Good article, thank you!
I am converting from AceMoney to TillerMoney.
I am an engineer who is excited to have the flexibility to view my finances in a spreadsheet with associated charts, graphs, filtering, etc. I look forward to being part of the Tiller online community as well.
I have data in dozens of accounts all the way back to1996; and have worked out a 33 step process to transfer each account into Tiller. That process would be a lot simpler if Tiller’s “Import CSV Line Items” would import Categories.
I was amazed that Tiller’s “Import CSV Line Items” doesn’t NOT import Categories!
To me, Categories are the whole reason we do any of this.
Any chance to update the Import CSV Line Items workflow to import Categories, or any column in the CSV that matches the column name in your Tiller Sheet?
I understand not wanting to inadvertently create a bunch of categories when importing; but when I cut-n-pasted data from Excel, there was a red flag on any cell whose category was not already in the Category tab’s list. That’s good enough warning for me to go add those categories to the list.
Please let me know, as I’m trying to make it easier for more people to transfer their data and use Tiller!
Tim Wieck

I usually migrate accounts manually. It’s a relatively simple process… just import the CSV into your spreadsheet as a new sheet, massage the column order to match the Tiller core sheets (e.g. Transactions and/or Balance History), and then paste the new data at the bottom of the Tiller core sheets. The categories will move over with the rest of the data.

Sorry for getting to this so late, @TeeDub.
I hope I’m not too late to help.

Thanks for the reply, Randy.
Yes, I had to create a process to import via ProperSoft and Excel.
The CSV importer doesn’t really import, as Categories are critical.
Hopefully fixing that gets put on Tiller’s To Do List, although I understand that everyone is busy and stretched thin! :slight_smile: