GoDaddy's bookkeeping service is closing

:wave: Hi there! My bookkeeping service is quitting! So it’s time to move on. I will have a lot of csv data to import to Tiller - many years’ worth.
Any suggestions regarding making the transition? Very grateful for advice on what to prepare for, what to avoid, suggestions for managing the data before I import.
I also hope to manage data sync from my business credit card & bank into one sheet, and personal accounts into another. Will the import and auto-cat tools cooperate with this division?
To be clear, I know I can have 5 sheets within Tiller. I’m assuming each sheet can have many tabs, is that correct? I will be using Google sheets.

I’d recommend reviewing the “Basic CSV” workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on - Import CSV Line Items workflow as a starting point. That workflow can help structure and implement CSV data migrations.

As for your other questions… You can sync both business and personal data into a single spreadsheet, but data will be consolidated into the core sheets— Transactions, Categories, Balance History, etc. You cannot plumb linked accounts to discrete versions of these core sheets. If that is your goal, I’d recommend separate spreadsheets.

Welcome @pegasus1! :wave:

I personally like the Simple CSV workflow @randy created as a Show & Tell because I think it’s more flexible than the Basic CSV

But it is a bit more work/more advanced to set up.

I’d love to hear more about how your transition goes coming from GoDaddy’s bookkeeping service. Perhaps we can put together a resource for others if it goes well.

Let us know how we can help.


I’m glad @heather remembered that Simple CSV tool. I watched the whole video and still didn’t remember making it. (Looks cool!)