How to open a new, additional Foundation Template

Relatively new to Teller, I set up the Foundation Template, established Categories, connected my banking accounts in late 2023 and have just gone live at the beginning of 2024. Liking Teller so far.

it all works fine, but I’m finding it complicated to handle investment account transactions and business transactions using just Categories and, in some cases, Transfer capability.

Might it be feasible to open one or more additional Foundation Templates (renamed of course) for my other purposes? Is there a better way, perhaps?

Thanks for your guidance.

Ron Stuart


You can have up to a total of five foundation templates. Just go to create spreadsheet in the console. Connect the accounts you want and off you go.

Thanks MarcC, but it doesn’t seem to work exactly as you describe. Upon clicking Create Spreadsheet, I it asks me to choose Google Sheet or Excel. I chose Google Sheet but instead of opening the new spreadsheet, I am taken to a new window where the only action item is to uninstall. Confused!

What I like to do is to set up two parallel Tiller sheets with my financial coaching clients. The first sheet we connect their bank and credit card accounts only, and we use this sheet for categorizing transactions and seeing their cash flow numbers. The second sheet we use for seeing their net worth numbers, and here we connect all their accounts, both the bank accounts and credit card accounts from the first sheet, but also additionally any retirement accounts, mortgages, loans, etc. I find that combining everything into one sheet results in a lot of extra noise in the Transactions sheet that is not helpful, so splitting it into two sheets can be very helpful.

Once you have created the first Google Sheet and installed the Tiller extensions, creating the second one is much easier. You just start back at the home page and create a new Google Sheet, then be sure to select the accounts you want to connect, and give the new sheet a name to distinguish it from your original one. I’d also recommend hiding the unnecessary tabs to keep things streamlined and clear, so for the second/net worth sheet, that means hiding the Transactions and Categories tabs, as you will not need to review or categorize anything in this second sheet, but populating the Accounts tab to see the accounts in the Balances tab.

Something is obviously wrong and not sure what. After a brief search I didn’t see any other posts reporting this issue. Maybe someone else has an idea or you may just want to reach out to support via the chat. Have you tried this in different browsers?

Hi Caroleen:
Thanks for your helpful remarks. I have come to the same conclusion you did regarding extra noise and the solution but I must be doing something incorrectly as I try to set up the additional sheet. When you say “start back at the home page” are you referring to the Tiller Console? Thanks,

I am using the Google browser on my MacBook Air.

Problem appears to be solved. Seems that running Google on my Mac from a Safari tab may have created certain dissonance that was unhelpful. Thanks to @MarcC and @Caroleen for your assistance.