How to see expense categories sorted for the entire year?

On the Insights tab I can see my Top 10 Expense Categories which is great. Is there any report that would show ALL Expense Categories sorted for the year? In other words, the total would be my total expenses for the year, sorted by category?

Check out the Yearly Insights sheet. I think that fits what you’re looking for. You’ll have to change the year dropdown, I think it’s defaulted to 2019.

Thank you, Heather - you’re the best!

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Is there also a monthly version of this? That would show ALL expenses, not just top ten?

hi @bltcfo, the Yearly Insights sheet should be showing you ALL categories for the selected year.

As for more of a monthly view the closest thing is probably the Monthly Analysis sheet

Hi Heather - yes, the Yearly Insights fits my needs perfectly. Was looking for a similar monthly insights…will look into the sheet you suggested.