Yearly Insights template question

I have a question about the Yearly Insights template from Tiller Community Solutions.

Hi, now that we are approaching year-end, I’m looking for a solution similar to the Yearly Insights Tab, but with two additional features:

First, a template that also includes groups. I find it helpful to look top down, starting with groups, then looking at categories, and finally individual expenses. This just helps me know where to drill down and also for y/y comparisons. I know there are other templates that have this but would be great to have in the insights tab.

Secondly, something where I could better control the data I’m looking at whereby, I could determine if certain groups or categories are included in the data. For example, I could choose to remove the transfer category, or any income categories. I find this helpful when I’m trying to drill down on groups/categories that I can improve y/y, but often many expenses like mortgage, condo fee, car payment, etc. are fixed, so wouldn’t be highly relevant to the analysis.

Has anyone built anything like this or perhaps have suggestions as to best practices here?

@Aubiemoney I’d encourage you to add your feature request for the Insights sheet in the link

You might also try using Tags in your Transactions sheet. This would give another layer of groupings.

Lastly, I don’t recall any templates that would allow you to filter specific categories on and off as you described. Perhaps some of our other members that read this post can give you some ideas or share their workflows on how they look at their data.