Is there a template or a way to get a similar view to the Yearly Budget sheet but for tags?

Hi All!

I’m new to Tiller and still in my trial. I’m trying to see if there is a way to view my tagged transactions over time in a similar way to the yearly budget page (or a line chart). For example, we have a budget for “Food & Dining” and have tags for fast food, restaurants, coffee shops, and groceries. We don’t want to make these separate budgets because we don’t really care about where the food budget went in a given month. That being said, we would like to occasionally pull up and see how the spend in the tags as trended or shifted over time.

Is there a template or a workflow already out there for something like this? Worst case we could probably just make a pivot table/chart using the transactions sheet but I’m hoping there is a more robust solution already built out. Thanks!

:wave: @pshah314 welcome!

I don’t think there is a solution out there for this (that I know of anyway) but this would be a great addition to the community solutions!

The Tags Report will give you the dates of specific transactions and you could chart that or your best bet is probably a pivot table and then just create your own chart based on the pivot table.