I want to add a bank account that requiers a token on the Console

I tried to connect a bank account on the Console. There isn’t a place to add the Token number so the connection failed.
I can download the transactions to a CSV file so how would I import that file into my Foundation template?

i followed the directions to import a CSV file from the bank.


How do I change the file to match the import requirements?

Here is the process. Is this what you are doing? What bank is it? Blake

This is what I need
The bank is Farmers & Merchant Business.


This is what I get. Does the request for a token come up after this page? Something sounds odd here.


The sign on is three different pages.

  1. Name
  2. Password
  3. Token: its a six digit number.

Tiller doesn’t ask for the Token.

@Russellreno, I see you have a convo going with @krista about the issue with this bank. We can contact our data provider to see if we can get that working for you so you can enter the token and connect for automated feeds.

Also @Russellreno, and others reviewing this at some point.


The CSV Importer feature in the Tiller Labs add-on only really works for the files when downloaded from the specific tools. There isn’t really a “generic” CSV format because many banks’ outputs are different.

The most basic one is the Personal Capital one.

Yes, please contact your data provider