Identify transaction in balance history

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I have a doubt. I’m using manual accounts, and if I have several transactions in the same day, how can I identify them in balance history.

In balance history we have a balance ID, but in transactions sheet, we don’t, so we cannot identify the specific transactions.

any thoughs?

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Hi @ricardosmenezes,
There’s no direct link between balances and transactions.

If your data were downloaded automatically, you would typically see one balance row per account per day and zero or more transaction rows per account per day.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I have a manual account, and I’m filling the transactions manually. But if I have an error and what to fix the transaction and the balance I need to delete both and entre a new transaction. But not having something to identify the right transaction is difficult to fix it.

I think I understand. You’re checking the box that says “Update balance in Balance History” when you add a manual transaction. Is that right?

So if you make an error entering the transaction, you’re having a hard time figuring out which Balance History entry is also wrong.

I don’t have a great answer. I suppose you can use the order in which the transactions and balances appear to match them.

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Adding on to rhowell’s response i would suggest using google’s history function and upload in small enough batches that you can revert and re-do if something happens. When i was initially uploading manual trans i had created a copy in case anything catastrophic happened.

But if you are using the balance history to validate that you have a complete population, i would instead validate by filtering the transaction tab, and then match it to the balance tab that way you know your transactions listing is right and can update the balance tab to make it match

There is a Transaction ID column in the Transactions sheet @ricardosmenezes that’s hidden by default. I’m not sure if that helps in your case though? It doesn’t correlate it to the balance history entry that was updated.


But i doesn’t solve the problem, because balance history does not save the transaction ID, but thanks anyway.

Ah okay thanks for clarifying. I think your best bet here it to use the Version History built into Google Sheets to review the edits and understand which manual transaction corresponds to which balance history entry.

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