Balance History not matching Transactions exactly

I’m trying to use the Balance History data to create balance assertions:

There’s a problem which is that sometimes the balance reported in Balance History isn’t congruent with the Transactions at the time it was reported. For example, my latest balance for my bank account was reported today, so it takes into account yesterday’s transactions, but my Transactions tab doesn’t yet include yesterdays transactions. This causes my balance assertion to fail (red in the screenshot).

Is anyone else seeing this? If it’s a bug is it possible to fix it so that the Balance History and Transactions are congruent with each other?

Hi @NumbersGuy - this is expected behavior. The bank reports the balance usually that includes the amounts for pending transactions, which we do not pull in or other transactions we’re not yet able to pull in, even if they’re not in a pending status. These will never be a 100% match because of that.

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Correct me if I am wrong, shouldn’t we be able to clear this problem up by simply adjusting transaction dates? Assuming that when a transaction is downloaded it is dated as the clearing date rather than the actual transaction date.
Granted this is not an elegant solution, but would it work? Personally it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me if I know for this exact moment if I am balanced because I only check my sheets once or twice a week, but I do like to know that I was balance say at month or year end.

You can check out the Account Reconciliation - Google Sheets that might help you get a running balance.