Bank Balances Balance Per Balance History Out Of Synch With Bank Statements

I’ve been trying to use the Balance History sheet as part of a bank reconciliation. Usually the bank statement end-of-month balances don’t agree with the Balance History balances. Sometimes the BH balance is late by a day or two, which is no big deal, but balances between the two sources will eventually agree. Other times the BH sheet doesn’t list the correct ending balance EVER.

Also, I don’t understand why there are often two different balances, on the BH sheet, for the exact same date and time.

This sheet could have good value. Currently it doesn’t for me. Best I can do is sum the net transactions for the month from the Transactions sheet and compare those to the BH sheet. Those always agree.

My Account Reconciliation template can’t fix the dates, but it can help assure that the your transactions are matching up with the statements. I have a version for Google Sheets and for Excel. I would be careful messing with the Balance History sheet. It’s meant to be hidden, with other templates using it as a source. That’s not to say you can’t change things on it when necessary, but in general, changes there might have unexpected consequences.

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What @jpfieber said. There’s some funky voodoo that goes on with the Balance History sheet to make Tiller work. I keep that sheet hidden 99% of the time, and when I do look at it, I make certain not to touch anything.

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Thanks. Good to know about changing things. I haven’t. I was just hoping to reference some numbers from it in the Excel app I created which includes a bank rec sheet. I’ve been using Tiller just to load transactions into my budget model. Power Query and VBA take over from there. Tiller’s a great product and if I weren’t an old geezer, I’d use Google Sheets more. It’s that old dog - new tricks thing.

Yeah, I hear you. If it’s doing what you need, and you’re more familiar with Excel, then it’s a great option. Perhaps one day you can share your workflow, I probably won’t invest time into VBA, but Power Query seems interesting.

Thanks for writing back. I started working with Excel in '85. Before that 1-2-3 which followed Multiplan, Visicalc and 14-column paper spreadsheets. Yeah, I’m old. Microsoft is getting carried away with incorporating so many programming languages along with functions. With Office Scripts, DAX, VBA, Power Query’s M-Code, Python and functions, I guess that makes 6. I’m not going to use their Python add-in because I don’t want my stuff going out to Microsoft for processing. I really like the new GroupBy and PivotBy functions which I get through the Insider beta channel. Lets my charts and tables be dynamic.

I’ll send you a YouTube link when I get this thing humming which will be after some vacation time starting Sunday. As you’ll understand, I need to keep the data private. I suppose I should get on the AI bandwagon but I just find it promoting laziness.

You crank out some great work, Joseph.