Insights tab not working

Insights tab has quit working.

I RESINSTALLED it but the income and expense fields are STILL blank. Total outflow and most frequent payees fields are empty.

Tiller has added 3,342 transactions for 28 linked accounts since Aug 16, 2022
Your largest outflow in the last 90 days was ‘’ for $0.00 on December, 30, 1899
Your most frequent payee in the last 90 days was ‘’ for $0.00 with 0 charges
Tiller imports ~41 transactions on an average week for you

I did not change the default settings when the template was replaced.

I did move the column “note” into another location on the transactions sheet but did not delete any other columns. All other templates are working fine.

What happens when you move the Note column back to where it was? It might have seemed like an innocuous change, but spreadsheets can be squirrelly. . .

Thanks. I did move the Notes column back to the original location but still the fields are blank and the selection criteria is for All Accounts and Last 12 months.

Every other bit of the sheets on the Foundation Template are working fine.

Can you please re-apply the currency format to the entire Amount column in the Transactions sheet and confirm that there aren’t any text/invalid formats in the amount cells associated with the missing data?

You may also be able to use Version History to go back in your sheet and see what update was made when the template stopped working.

I reapplied the currency format and looked at all the amounts – there were no missing amounts and there was a min and max value of the 3342 values that was currency.

Your follow up question about version. I have wondered about that – If I roll back the Tiller Foundation Template version to a week ago, will the data from all connected accounts be picked up the next time ? I realize and manual amounts I may have entered I will have to do that.

If that is the case then I can certainly go back and look at the last version that ran successfully.

I found the problem. I moved the “Note” column in the “Transactions” sheet but I overrode the “Account” column. When I inserted a new column with the name “Account” the “Insights” tab started working again except for the column “Top 10 Accounts by Activity (10/1/23 - 3/8/24)”, but that was because the new “Account” column had no data.

The last version of the “Tiller Foundation Template” that was working was on 3/5/2024. My question now is if I restore the version of 3/5/2024 will the next update from Tiller Money Feeds pick up all the data from my accounts back on 3/5/2024. I assume it will but want to make sure before I restore the working version from 3/5/2024.