Insights, Monthly Budget, and Yearly Budget tabs not working

Hello there! I just downloaded Tiller and have been spending the day linking my bank accounts and categorizing each transaction. Unfortunately, none of my summary tabs are working. The Insights tab, Monthly Budget Tab, and Yearly Budget tab are not pulling any of my data. Does anyone know where I might have gone wrong?

Thank you! I really hope my last few hours haven’t been in vain… :confused:

Did you setup some budget numbers in the Categories sheet? Are the budget sheets just not showing numbers, or are they showing errors?

I edited the categories, entered the appropriate category for every line item in the transactions tab, and then I added budget numbers in the category sheet. But the insights tab, monthly budget tab and yearly budget tab show no data. A lot of 0’s and #NAME?s. I wish I could attach a screenshot here but it’s not letting me.

Thank you so much for writing back! I worked on this all day; it would be very painful to realize it’s not a solution for us.

I don’t have much experience troubleshooting Tiller on the Excel side (I’m sure you don’t want to hear my advice of starting fresh and keep checking the templates as you make changes). @randy or @heather , any tips on how to recover?

Do people generally have an easier time using Google Sheets?

My summary documents never showed any data from the beginning. I’m open to starting over in Google Sheets but how do I know this won’t happen again? Should the summary tabs always show something once data is imported?

Did you download the Tiller template and all the other tabs at the same time?
If you type “links” in the search bar, do you see 1 or 2.

I don’t think Google Sheets is easier, but that version has been around longer, so it’s has better support, more features and more add-ons. The Excel version is catching up, but doesn’t yet offer the full set of features. I doubt the issue you are having is version related, I suspect something got deleted/moved/renamed that shouldn’t have and it’s now causing problems.

Sorry for the slow response, @milenax.

The sheets you mention— Insights, Monthly Budget & Yearly Budget— are part of our core service and are supported by our Customer Success team via chat.