Expansion of Insights Tab

I’m wondering if anyone has expanded the Insights tab. I would like to add a few more statements in the upper left portion that say something like “your total expenses for the past 12 months are $XXXX” and same for total income for that time period as an example. I know I can do this in another tab by adding a pivot table but I like the Insights tab style/format. This tab relies on a lot of formula work in the hidden columns and rows, which I’ll eventually understand. For now I’m wondering if someone has thought of this already and done it and willing to share or have a suggestion for me to investigate further / learn.

There is a Yearly Insights template in Google Sheets, but not Excel.

You might be able to grab some formulas from the Yearly Budget sheet for YTD total, I’m not sure where you would plug them in for the Insights sheet though.

Hi @morgan , thank you for your input. I’m going to look further into the Google Sheets Yearly Insight you pointed to. It looks promising based on the article by @heather . But I am not sure if it can do “past 12 months” (rolling basis) as opposed to from Jan 1 of current year or all of previous year. I got the past 12-month thing going in an Excel Pivot so that took some doing. My expertise stops at some basic pivot tables and I’ve got to get to some next level in Excel and have not charted a path yet to further expertise. If I figure this out, I’ll share it here one day hopefully soon. Follow on question - can I have two spreadsheets going, one Excel and one Google Sheets? I don’t want to blow up my Tiller Excel sheet when I test out the Yearly Insights thing in Google Sheets. I’ll check it out and see if anyone has posted on this topic. Thanks again.

You can actually have five spreadsheets going, so yes! And any mix of Excel and gSheets that works for you, both are available with your Tiller subscription.