Introducing a New Tiller Foundation Template Experience

Hi @debfellows1989 please just write in to support using the chat in the lower right corner of the Console at - I’m not quite sure what you’re meaning here but definitely don’t want you to share your sheet link here.

Having the same issue. reformatting the amount column doesn’t fix it.

That didn’t work for me either however I was able to sort in ascending order and find 10 or so cells at the bottom that had $s in them. That fixed my issue.

@adekunledauda - can you please double check the amount column fully and make sure there is no text or errors in any cells? The #VALUE errors are due to text being in that column somewhere and the sparkline formulas can’t parse the text.

I updated the Accounts tab/sheet. Now my Net Worth and Net Worth Snapshot sheets are not pulling any data.

Hi @azirish88 - can you try restoring those using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on - no need to archive them as part of that process when prompted as they’re just visualizations.

Thank you. That worked well for me.
Kind regards,
Thomas Machold

You’re welcome @thomas.machold !

What is the best way to check the error or find the text? It difficult to go through 6000 + transaction amount.

You could try temporarily adding conditional formatting to the column with a custom =NOT(ISNUMBER(A2)) formula and turn it red… :person_shrugging: (Don’t forget to point it to the Amount column… not A2.)

If you sort the Amount column Z>A and/or A>Z the text should bubble up to the top in one of those sorts.

Thanks. Text found and fixed.

Hello Heather,

Thank you for the improvements.

In the explanation, it says:

How to get the Spending Trends sheet

If you’ve been with Tiller for a while and are already using our Foundation Template you can get the spending trends sheet using the steps below until this template is available for install from Tiller Money Feeds.

Being technology challenged, I do not understand the instructions to install the new “Spending Trends Sheet,” and I will wait for the template to beavailable for installation from Tiller Money Feeds. When will that be?

Will you have a webinar/video to explain the installation and change?

I am excited to hear from you.

I’m not sure when we’ll have the Spending Trends sheet available in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets but we’re hoping soon. It’s in progress but no specific date yet. The steps will be really straightforward when it’s in the add-on.

Heather- I figured out the spending trends sheet, really cool!

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Happy to hear you like it, @norm.thiele.

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