Itemized group spending

I use groups such as Food + Drink which contains categories such as Restaurants, Snacks & Drinks, Alcohol & Bars, etc., and I would to see an itemized list of transactions within that group, like the Category Tracker report, but for groups. Using the Comparisons report I can see the lump total of a group but I’d like more granular reporting on a group. Does anyone have such a thing or am I going about this the wrong way, using groups like I am? Open to suggestions. Thanks!


You can sort the transactions tab by group (primary sort) and then by date or category (secondary sort) depending on what you want to see.


@blake I’m not seeing a group column to sort by in my transactions tab. I see category

You need to add the group column to the transactions sheet. Search the community for the instructions on how to do this. Cheers.

Ah, okay, will do. thanks for the responses.

For reference, this is the link to the referenced article.

and also a link to creating a pivot to groups which I found helpful as well

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