Last Statement Balance for Credit Cards

I have a question regarding the information Tiller collects about credit cards. I like to see the most recent statement balance on my credit cards. That way I know how much I’m going to pay on the next due date, and I can subtract that amount from the current balance to know what balance the next statement will start with. Is tiller already collecting the most recent statement balance? If so, how can I access it to use on a custom sheet I’m making. Currently I’m summing the transactions that fall within the statement date range, but It’s not 100% accurate.

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Sorry for the delayed reply here.

We don’t currently pull in the statement balance information with the data feeds - though we may in the future. I’d recommend adding a feature request.


Was this feature ever added?

This feature wasnt necessarily added, however recently @1Email2RuleThemAll has created a new template that can help you with this problem. It takes some manual import and possibly monthly adjustments based on the closing dates of the statement unless it stays the same every month. I believe there may possibly be more to come working with this sub-template at a later date as well.

Credit Card Settings Template.