Learning about Google Sheets

Anybody have any tips/websites/courses to recommend to learn more about Google Sheets? I want to learn more about building formulas, programming, etc., so I can stop asking you fine people to solve basic issues for me. :smile: (And truth be told, an ulterior motive for me choosing Tiller to manage my finances was that I wanted to learn more about Google Sheets since I find myself engaging with them more and more at work). Thanks.

A thorough resource is the website of @benlcollins it has helped me learn quite a bit. https://www.benlcollins.com/


Chat GPT is an excellent teacher. Describe what you want to do (that’s the fun part) and see what the AI comes up with. It does an excellent job if you ask it how a certain formula works. Very concise explanations. I have had it write new or “streamline” existing sheets scripts. AMAZING! I’ve learned a lot about google scripts this way. It even adds comments to the script to tell you what it is doing. The trick is to tell it what you want in a concise logical way, like Mr. Spock would. It doesn’t always get things right, but is happy to correct things when you point them out to it.


^ good recommendations here, I’ve also learned a lot just on the Google site itself Google Sheets training and help - Google Workspace Learning Center


I second the chatGPT as a good resource it has helped a lot for finding syntax errors in some things i have worked on.