Linking cells in different pivot tables in one sheet

I created a Google sheet that contains two Pivot Tables. Entries in the two tables are pulled from the Transactions Sheet.

The first Pivot Table is a table of Expenses.

The second Pivot Table is a Table of Income.

Both of these two Pivot tables are linked to the transaction sheet. So when the transactions sheet changes, the pivot table entries also change. It’s working perfectly.

On the same sheet I have a small table at the bottom that shows total Income minus total expenses for each month, which gives the Net Income for that month. Currently I must manually calculate the Net Income for each month. I manually use the function =sum() of the expense total and the income total to give the Net Total for each month.

My question is can I somehow automate the calculation of the Net Income. Instead of having to manually calculate the Net Income, is there a way link the needed cells together and automatically calculate Net Total?

I’m a little confused by your question. It sounds like you are using a sum() formula to automatically calculate your net income. Perhaps if you can share a screenshot of your sheets, using fake data, that would help us understand your question better.

Jonorlin, How to I share a screenshot to this post? I looked for an “attach” or “upload” button but I didn’t find one. Thanks.

@walterdowis, you can simply drag and drop a screenshot into the text editor to upload.