Does anyone know how to create daily Income/Exense Reports?

Hi Guys!

Been using Tiller love it so far. Here’s what I need help with and here’s my use case:

  1. I have a restaurant chain with different locations. So we have about a dozen or so bank accounts (1 for each location
  2. I started playing with the Category Rollup Report
  3. I want to create a daily report that breaks down “Income” versus “Expenses” per day, per bank account. Is this possible? Note that income and expenses are category types and not actual categories.
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I just created this pivot table with a checking account and credit card that I have. Create a pivot table just like mine.

In the pivot table editor, look at the three filters at the bottom.
Account - I selected my two accounts that show above. You would select your 10 bank accounts. Just hit that little triangle.
Date - I selected blank and 03-31-21. You would change this date every day.
Type - I selected blank, income, and expense. You do not need to change this.

You would need to categorize the new transactions every day before you run the pivot table. The table would only be as accurate as the feed. If today’s transactions do not make the feed for a few days, then your table will be off. I suspect you would want to run it today for yesterday’s activity. This will give you something to play around with. If you want to get fancy, you can always add a chart.



This is amazing thank you!