Make a line graph of "Yearly Budget" sheet?

Is it possible to make charts (line, bar or otherwise. I’m flexible) that show the budgeted and actual amounts from the Yearly Budget sheet? I’m wanting something to visualize my budgeted vs actual information on the yearly level (or longer) but I’m way out of my depths for knowing how to make this work. I’ve got an example of roughly what I mean (but the data is bogus, so I just mean this as a visual).

Is this something that can be done?

Maybe the Monthly Analysis template would work?

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If you really want all four actual/budget income/expense on one chart, a table could be made from the Yearly Budget on a separate sheet, something like the following from sample data (albeit not very interesting data):

Cell A2 is:
=TRANSPOSE(FILTER('Yearly Budget'!$E$3:$AN$3,'Yearly Budget'!$E$3:$AN$3<>""))
which will auto-fill A2:A13

Cell B2:
=INDEX('Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN,XMATCH("INCOME",'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$A),XMATCH($A2,'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN$3)+1)

Cell C2:
=INDEX('Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN,XMATCH("INCOME",'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$A),XMATCH($A2,'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN$3))

Cell D2:
=INDEX('Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN,XMATCH("EXPENSE",'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$A),XMATCH($A2,'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN$3)+1)

Cell E2:
=INDEX('Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN,XMATCH("EXPENSE",'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$A),XMATCH($A2,'Yearly Budget'!$A$3:$AN$3))

Then select cells B2:E2 and use the fill handle to copy the formulas down to fill the table.

Select the full table range and Insert Chart.