Manual Credit Card (Apple Card) [Accounts Question]

I am adding my apple card transactions manually and not having problems doings so I think. But, I just realized that the card is not listed on the Accounts Page and I cannot see how to add it. [I do have the Apple Savings as a manual account and that Apple account does appear in the drop down list and I added it to the accounts - but I cannot see how to add the Apple Card to the accounts page] Note: I am manually adding the apple card transaction, not with a csv (I download the csv and edit the column and reverse the sign on the transactions and then copy paste into blank rows in my foundation template). I am sure I am missing something obvious… I am most ocncerned with adding the apple card transactions ALREADY in my transactions sheet to the Accounts sheet.

  • Note: I may need help searching in here as I searched for Apple Card posts - did not see a ton of them (about six??)

You may just need to add the manual account:
Menu > Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Manual accounts

Tracking balances for manual accounts

Thanks - so I have to manually enter the balance each time as well (it will not tie to the transactions?)

That’s correct. If you used Add Manual Transaction to enter the transactions, it has an update balance option.

But then each transaction is manual and that’s probably more work than manually updating the balance one time every time you do a batch of CSV transactions.