Manual Transactions and Reconcilation for Apple Card

I’m using the CSV import for Apple Card and it works great. The only issue is that you have to wait until the end of the month to see any transactions since the import depends on month end statements.

Is there a way to add a manual transaction like you can for other accounts prior to importing the CSV? Ideally then reconciling the manual transaction with the import?

The issue seems to be that the Apple Card account is an “official account”, meaning it’s not in the “Accounts” tab of the foundation spreadsheet.


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You could add the Apple card account as a manual account using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, then you’d be able to add transactions for it and flag them as reconcile.

Though I’m not sure how the reconcile wizard would process the CSV import from Apple card. @randy, do you know how that would work? Does it just look for the Account name (so that would need to be named consistently with the manual account when added via Tiller Money Feeds) or something else?


Hats off, @lightcap, for thinking out of the box. I hadn’t considered this kind of workflow…

I did a little testing and I don’t think this really works… not because it isn’t possible, but because we’ve added some safeguards to which transactions turn up in the reconcile workflow. The safeguards make the process untenable (to me at least).

The issues as I see them:

  • I JUST published an update to the Add Manual Transaction sidebar that prevents flagging transactions for reconciliation for manual/non-feeds accounts (the dropdown now disappears). The idea for the change is that typically we are reconciling only with feeds-driven accounts where feed data arrives (for reconciliation) after a manual transaction may capture the initial action. This change means you can’t do what @heather suggests and assign the Apple Card transactions to a new manual account; you’d actually have to leverage a live account (and why would you use the Import CSV workflow on a live account? :man_shrugging:).
  • The reconcile wizard requires a matching Account ID (sometimes this column is hidden) between the transactions to flag a match and the Import CSV workflow does not assign Account IDs. So, to make this work, you’d have to paste in fake account IDs (that don’t have the manual: prefix for manually created accounts).
  • The reconcile wizard requires a non-feeds (no manual: prefix for manually-created transactions) Transaction ID (sometimes this column is hidden) in the transaction coming from the CSV workflow to flag a match.

Essentially, to make this work, you’d have to fake in a feeds account (without a manual: prefix in its Account ID as when these accounts are created by the Manual Balance workflow in TMF), apply that Account ID to imported rows from the CSV importer, and then also create fake Transaction IDs (without a manual: prefix) to all imported rows… and then… it will probably work.

Sorry to disappoint.

@randy if you have an account you’re trying to pull in historical data on beyond the initial 90 day pull.

Oh yes. :man_facepalming:

Okay, thanks y’all.

I’ll put a little more thought into this the next time I deal with my Apple card, too.