How do I integrate Apple card data into my tiller sheet?

How do i make my apple card transactions show up?

Import a csv from your Apple Card or from mint once you have connected your Apple Card to mint. Apple Card is not available directly in Tiller.

Is the integration of Apple Card in the works?

I don’t think that’s going to happen until or if Apple and Yodlee enter into an agreement. I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

Looks like Apple Card is shown now on the “Add Accounts” page (I believe, provided by Yodlee), so did support for Apple Card get added (since late March 2023)?

I have tried it but even though Apple asks for the 2FA code (and confirms it’s me doing this, separately), seems to take my correct AppleID & password, it never populates–just spins, and then the Accounts page lists Apple Card, but with no refresh.

So, is it buggy and doesn’t work most of the time, or if it’s working for most, where would I turn to for support on why mine isn’t working? If it’s broken for everyone, would you recommend me trying the CSV import given Apple Card support does seem to be present now, but doesn’t seem to work at all?


I see the same thing. Errors out eventually with a technical error. This wasn’t there before so my guess is Yodlee is working on it.

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It looks like the connection to Apple Card is currently in beta with our data provider. That means you may experience some connection issues, or may be unable to get it connected at all, until it’s fully supported. We don’t have insight into when it will be fully supported – it could be in the range of weeks to months.

We recommend checking back periodically. We do expect the connection to this institution will improve.

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Just wanted to note that I checked today and got the following. Planning to check back periodically and keeping my fingers crossed!

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Just came here to check on Apple Card/savings account integration. Hoping to get that 4.1% from Apple, but really want Tiller integration.