Possible to automatically pull in apple credit card transactions?

I just signed up for a goldman sachs back apple credit card. I’m trying to add that card into my worksheets but am unable to find anything under apple. Does yodlee not support the import of apple credit card transactions? Is it possible to automate the import of my apple credit card transactions?


Apple is not currently allowing third parties to access data from the Apple Card. That means you won’t be able to connect this card for transactions or balance feeds to any service like Tiller Money.

However, there is now an option for you to export your transactions to a CSV via the Wallet app. You can use these steps and then manually import the CSV using the Tiller Labs add-on.

  1. Open up the Wallet app.
  2. Choose ‌Apple Card‌.
  3. Tap the “Card Balance” option.
  4. Tap on a monthly statement.
  5. Tap “Export Transactions.”
  6. Follow the steps here to use the Tiller Labs add-on to import the CSV.

*Note: The numbered steps above are from Apple so could be subject to change.

I hope that’s helpful!