Apple Card support


I would like to learn more about connecting my Apple Card to Tiller.

Since the AppleCard is issued through Goldman Sachs / Mastercard, are there special instructions?

Thank you.

Saluda, NC


Hi @morgan - I’d be interested to know more about it too. Maybe it makes for a separate post, since I think the current solution was to load via csv file and even at that, you could only load transactions at the close of a statement cycle. It might be an interesting announcement for the community at some point. I wasn’t a Mint user, but it seems that they may have been able to connect via API. I’m wondering if the Yodlee solution is using an API or is it a scraping solution? The reason that I ask that is because I’m interested to know if it gets all of the current transactions or is just pulling based on month end statements? The only place an Apple Card end user can get current transactions is on the mobile phone. I’ve come up with a relatively simple process to pull the transactions off my phone for insertion into my Transactions tab, but I’m interested to know about this new solution. Thanks!

If you’re able to log in via this URL:

Then you should be able to add your accounts under the site that reads “Apple Card.” There isn’t anything indicating that it shouldn’t work. If you get an error, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

From there if necessary we can troubleshoot with Yodlee. Previously it was in beta or not supported for a while, which is why we were sharing the CSV workaround.

If the transactions are only available via the mobile app I don’t think we can pull those in. It may just be balance data and month end statements.

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Morgan, I am able to log into that Apple page just fine. I see no way to add an Apple Card to the Tiller account, however.

Can you provide more explicit instructions?


Can you please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at That’s where we can best troubleshoot connection issues.

I have. The bot:

  1. Says that Apple Card is not supported and I should use the CSV workaround
  2. Offers links to FAQs and the Community fora
  3. Suggests that a person from Support might get back to me in a couple of hours, but also says “You should be all set with those resources so I’ll close this conversation for now.”

So it’s unclear if someone from Support will help or not.

If you have a clear set of steps to follow that you can post here (or in a FAQ), I’ll be happy to follow those to the letter and not bother your Support team.

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Sorry for any confusion here folks. We have Apple Card turned off (in a separate part of the system that Morgan can’t access) because the last time we tried allowing users to connect it did not work at all and we’re not prepared to escalate requests to our data provider for it right now if it’s still not working.

We’ll re-assess whether we might experiment with turning it back on in the future once our backlog of service requests is a bit more manageable.

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Thanks for the update Heather.

This is really unfortunate. CSV imports after a 1-month delay are … not great. And doing manual keying in of transactions via the Tiller sheet extension is exceptionally frustrating due to the amount of time each entry takes (~30 seconds, I think).

Perhaps a viable short term solution for Apple Card, Apple Savings, and any other service that doesn’t get strong support from Yodely, would be a template sheet that allows entry of multiple transactions with multiple rows, then a simple “add these transactions” button (basically cutting out the need for a separate CSV file, speeding the manual entry process, and supporting transactions from multiple accounts in a single import).

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@jmccabe I think this is kind of what you’re asking for. It has instructions to download a CSV but you could just manually add the entries. CSV Spreadsheet Importer Multitool for Google

That looks plausible. Thanks for the link Heather.

I spent most of yesterday getting my Apply Card info into Tiller. Apple Card does not make it easy. I am very new to Tiller so I probably did this in the most arcane way possible, but maybe someone will point out a better way or learn from my mistakes. First off, you can login and see your Apple Card statements on your computer but every single charge you see will only say “apple card”. In order to see what you actually bought you have to go to the phone you have the Apple Card on and look at transactions. This is the only place I could find where I could see what we were actually purchasing. On the Apple Card website I was able to download statements but only as pdf files. I opened the pdf files in Adobe and converted them to xlxs files opening them in Excel. I opened a new spreadsheet and cross referenced the charges by date and dollar amount to the transactions on my phone. Once I matched the columns, I copied and pasted the information into my Transaction spreadsheet on Tiller. Please someone tell me there was an easier way.

@eve.pawelski - Good job on getting the transactions in there because I know it’s not a simple process. There is a way to download in a format other than pdf - from the iPhone you click on Card Balance from the Wallet and go to a monthly statement and click on it, then you are presented with a choice titled “Export Transactions” that allows you to get the transactions in other formats including a CSV file which can then be brought into Tiller using that CSV spreadsheet importer.

This is the help article from Apple on the methods of export:

I got really curious about this topic because there also really is no current solution that I am aware of to enter transactions intra-month, prior to them getting compiled in a month end statement. Add that to the fact that you can only get a non-pdf export from the phone directly makes it hard to work with, as you found out. It’s difficult to speculate when this could change since Goldman Sachs is looking to transfer the Applecard to another bank and Apple seems to prefer keeping data within their ecosystem (similar to fitness data that is hard to get out of an Apple Watch besides to the phone). I’m working on another alternative idea that I think eases this process of getting the Applecard transactions into Tiller and allows them to be pulled before month end. I hope to share it sometime in the not-too-distant future.

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I finally gave up and just removed my Apple Card as my default payment method over the weekend. I was doing what @eve.pawelski was doing every month and it is just not worth the hassle to me for the extra 1-2%. I did a chat with their customer service and told them I was leaving because they wouldn’t support open banking AND because they don’t allow you to change your billing date, which means that because iCloud+ bills at the end of the month, and the cycle ends on the 1st, my balance was never the same month to month. One month I’d have 1 iCloud charge, then nothing the next month, then 2x charges the next month. Highly frustrating.

Apple - unfortunately - is very much a “my way or the highway” kinda company. I hate how to you can’t set your iCloud to one payment method that would be different from the payment method you use on your phone to make purchases. They are really inflexible in too many regards.

I don’t think this directly solves the problem for Tiller/Yodlee, but it’s notable nonetheless.

iOS 17.4 lets budgeting apps easily access Apple Card, Cash, and Savings data


Interesting. I do wonder if Apple has configured this in some way such that only iOS apps like Copilot and Monarch can access the data. It would be a very Apple-like way of incentivizing customers to commit more-and-more of their lives to iOS. (And I write that as a heavy and generally happy Apple user.)


That is interesting @chrisgp123 - thanks for sharing. It appears so far to be linked with three iOS apps which is confirmed by the marketing on some of their sites. To your point @dmetiller, it looks like it may be an integration via iOS apps only. I am a full on Apple user myself, but I suspect that it still won’t serve my use case which is to get my data into a spreadsheet.

@dmetiller directed me over here from my own post regarding this today. Having come over to Tiller from Mint, the Mint connection to the Apple Card didn’t require setting it up on the iOS app. I suspect I would have set it up in a browser just based on how I used that service, which might mean nothing at the moment, but I think it is interesting to note at this time of uncertainty. Here’s to hoping!

Yeah, the Mint connection to the Apple Card appears to have been a different special arrangement between Apple and Intuit, Mint’s parent company. No other financial platform like Mint could access Apple Card data easily for as long as Mint was around. Apple knows how valuable its data is, and they don’t often allow others to access it for free. . .

Looks like Copilot was able to add support for the Apple Card through iOS 17.4. Hopefully that means Tiller can find a way to make it work.