Apple Card Statement Export/Import

Note: this topic is not exclusively related to Tiller, but may be helpful for those individuals wanting to track their Apple Card transactions with Tiller.

For those stuck on older iOS devices (e.g., iPhone 6, iPhone 5, etc) which can no longer update to the latest iOS version (i.e., devices running v12.4.5 and earlier), I have created a web app for converting your Apple Card PDF statements to CSV, which can then be imported into Tiller.

Let me know if you encounter any issues!

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:wave:, @kgryte! Thank you. I’m sure this will be helpful to some customers! Would you be willing to include Tiller Money with a URL at the list at the bottom of this page?

Also, just want to confirm that if someone uses this service their personal transaction data or any personally identifiable (name, email, or physical address) or sensitive (i.e. Apple Card account number) that’s available in the statement or output CSV is not collected nor stored anywhere per your privacy policy here?


Re: Tiller Money link. Done!

Re: Privacy Policy. That is correct. All statement conversion happens directly in the web browser and no personal transaction data is collected per the Privacy Policy. The web application is served by a static server and uses a JavaScript PDF parser written by Mozilla (see to parse the Apple Card statements, so no data transmission is needed for parsing, etc. The web app does use Google Analytics to track how users are referred to the site, but the information is limited to IP address, referrer, browser, etc.

If individuals are interested in viewing the source code, I can provide a link. Additionally, if someone wants to perform due diligence and confirm that no data is being posted back to the host server, they can open the dev console in their browser and monitor the network requests.

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