Creating a new account for Apple Credit card and inferring prior balance

I have an Apple Credit card - it doesn’t support any integration other than CSV export. I’m more interested in automating my finances, and it appears that the CSV import feature won’t generate a historical balance for me. What I’d like to do is this (in the foundation template).

  1. Add a new Account for the Apple Card.
  2. Auto populate its prior balance from the monthly payment I make (should I make a formula that add an entry to the balances hidden sheet?

Does this seem logical, and could I do it in a way that played well with the balances and other reports the foundation tab uses if I also imported the transactions via CSV?

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You might try connecting the Apple card now. It’s in “beta” with our data provider. If it doesn’t work then a manual workflow will be necessary for now.

Maybe you’ve already figured this out by now, but a couple ideas on the manual workflow.

  1. Use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to add the Apple Card as a manual account
  2. Use the Tiller Money LABS add-on to manually add transactions and have it update the balance of the manual Apple card account when you add them.

This would work for transactions going forward. If you prefer to have the history in there too then you would need to manually add the transactions and just pick a starting balance for the manual Apple Card account.

That’s the best way to really keep it up to date without more manual effort.

The other idea might be to use something like the cash workflow documented here:

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I had no idea I could connect directly. Thanks Heather!

@heather I get a connection error - please try later, should I report to support, or wait a little until it comes out of beta?

I would wait until it’s out of beta :wink:

Any idea when it’s going to come out of beta? Now it doesn’t even show up at all.

I think they pulled the plug on trying to support it :woman_shrugging:

There is a workflow from Labs and some other community built solutions

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