Apple Card Transactions and Excel, manual import

Based on what I’ve read, here’s what I think to be true about bringing in Apple Card transactions:

  1. It isn’t automatic
  2. You can add a manual account and transactions using the foundational template.
  3. Alternatively, you can use some community tools to import a CSV export of the data - IFF you are using google sheets.

Manually adding transactions is not realistic for me and I’m using Excel. I don’t want to use Google Sheets.

I have downloaded my Apple Card transactions from the ios App for October. The schema is simple.

If I match the schema from the Tiller transactions sheet, can I just insert/copy over the values to the end of the data? I noticed that there are 2 hidden columns - transaction id and account id.


I have done 1 manual transaction so I know the account id, but do I need to generate a unique id for the transaction (column J)?

What else am I missing?

Is there a better / simpler way?

So many questions! :smile:

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You are correct, @jduprey, that some of the automations are helpful but that there isn’t that much magic to them. Pulling in batches of data is basically as easy as mapping the fields, ordering the columns, and then filling in a few special columns.

I’d consider making a manual account and then using that manual account id for all imported Apple Card transactions. The Week, Month, Full Description, and Date Added columns really aren’t used and can be left blank. The Transaction ID column is not important for non-feeds data… so that can stay blank also.

I hope this helps.

Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation! I’ll give it a try.

How can we request for Tiller to take this on as an enhancement request?

I would like to request an enhancement to include support for Apple Card and PayPal Mastercard connetivity, or at least a CSV import feature for Microsoft Excel to handle this.

Manual Account is useful to capture the balance, but you lose all traceability to individual transactions for budgeting.