Manual Entries vs Inserting rows


I am wanting to accrue my bonus i received in Jan to December. Instead of using the manual entry tool to create 15 rows individually, can I just insert rows at the top of my transaction sheet? I don’t really need any balances to update in my balance history report since it will just be in and out across Dec to Jan. Are there any limitations or issues that inserting rows will cause?

I tried just inserting rows at some point. Things seemed to go a little weird with those entries for reasons I couldn’t diagnose, and I’ve been using the manual transaction function ever since. YMMV.

You can insert rows and manually enter transactions. Some gotchas to consider:

  1. use copy-paste-values-only if using copy-paste from outside the sheet, or from other columns
  2. using copy-paste from other transaction lines are okay, but consider all the other data in that line (including hidden columns) to see if it makes sense for your transaction
  3. if you copy-paste into the Category column, you could enter a category that doesn’t exist on your Categories sheet
  4. if you add any ARRAYFORMULA formulas to Row 1, don’t enter text anywhere in that column - that would break the ARRAYFORMULA
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Yeah, I think #2 is what might have messed up the entries I did by adding rows. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed, but took some clean up work.

Good tips! Another tip is not to insert it at row 2, but instead lower down, and then resort everything. I’ve had the experience where inserting at the top of a range that is being referenced by other formulas resulted in the other formulas changing from, for example, C2:C becomes C3:C. I avoid this by inserting the new rows within the range instead of on the edge of the range where it might cause problems.

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Yeah, that’s good gotcha to avoid. I change the formula instead to put the range inside INDIRECT and I can happily insert rows anywhere. And add manual transaction would cause that problem anyhow, without a change to the formula. :slight_smile:

thanks for tips! i am going to insert some rows with these in mind.

Let us know how it goes, @Cinistix