Manual Reconciliation Workflow/workaround for Split Transactions

Hi. I have just started using the Tiller Labs manual reconciliation tool, and after searching the knowledge base and community, I understand that you can only reconcile un-split transactions.

This is not going to work for me most of the time. The primary reason I add manual transactions is when I’m in a hurry to find out where my I stand on my budget, such as reconciling at the end of the month, which means categorizing each item is essential.

Case in point, Target Redcard has had an ongoing outage for months now and as I shop there often, I can’t leave those transactions unsplit or I will never know where I’m at on my budget. (Today trying to figure out how much I’ve spent on Christmas gifts so I can finish my shopping!)

I am beginning to work on a workaround- maybe creating my own additional column for “original transaction total” or something, and then doing my own reconciliation for ones that are split. Has anyone else done this and willing to share? Thanks

go directly into the transactions tab and enter your transactions there and then delete them when the actual transactions comes in…the way users did it before the the tool was developed.

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