Cannot find Reconcile in Tools (Google Sheet) to match manual transaction

Hi, I went through a video tutorial on how to reconcile manual transactions, but the feature doesn’t seem to be there any longer. Am I missing something?

This video was presented from Tiller Money Lab:

I haven’t used it myself, but I do see it in Tiller Community Solutions (as opposed to Tiller Money Feeds).
Docs: Adding & Reconciling Manual Transactions

Thank you, Mark, it was very helpful!

Welcome @glucapoggi :wave:

The manual transaction tool (where you flag transactions for reconciliation) did move to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on but the reconcile feature is still in the Tiller Community Solutions for the time being (moving to the main add-on hopefully in 2024).

One more question: once I have a manual transaction added, how does it reflect in the account balance? Is there a way to manually override the account balance as long as the transaction is pending with the bank?