Reconcile functioning oddly

Hello Tiller Community. I hope you are in fine health and good spirits.

I’ve been using the Extensions/Tiller Community Solutions/Reconcile Transactions pretty much as outlined in the post at

I’ve noticed that the system picks up transactions that are far apart in date (and don’t match) and overlooks some transactions that are 1 day apart and everything else is a match.
Maybe I failed to mark the manual transaction “flag for reconciliation”. How can I find whether the manual transaction is flagged or not?
Example follows. Why does the system/algorithm/whatever-it-s NOT see and match these two transactions? The amounts are identical, the merchants are very similar, the dates are only 2 days apart, and the credit card is identical.

Another oddity–when I run the reconcile process again, the system brings up as “possible matches” all the transaction pairs that I just marked as matched! This raises the question–what does the system do when I click “Match” for a manual transaction and its Tiller feeds match? Do the notes I entered with the manual transaction get preserved in the merged transaction?
I assume that the two transactions become one when I click “Match”. Is this right? I ask because I’ve run the routine two or three times and each time clicked “Match” for the following two transactions. Yet they still show in the Transactions tab as separate transactions.

Thank you.

Did you also click the Reconcile Transaction(s) button after selecting the matches? That’s the step that changes the Transactions sheet and completes the process.

For transactions that are not being considered, here is an example of what the Metadata column looks like, the first when reconcile was not selected and the second for when it was selected during Manual Transaction.